Writers of comics, screenplays, teleplays and audio drama - We're alumni of the Top Cow Talent Hunt, and have been published in the Not Forgotten, MANthology, Alterna IF Crime, and Alterna IF Horror anthologies. Our lady-led cyberpunk action comic "Killswitch" is out now. We have a pilot on the #WGASolidarityChallenge Staffing Grid. Writers of screenplays, teleplays, comics, and award-winning audio drama.

Producers of audio drama and webseries - Pendant Productions has been making award-winning audio drama since 2004. We've been making great content, seeing it through to completion and hitting our release dates for over a decade, and have production down to something of a science.
Though most of our shows are primarily provided as podcasts, we recently created two prestige shows available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes: "Phantom Canyon" (a horror/western co-created with Geoffrey Thorne) and the official audio drama adaptation of Valiant Entertainment's "Archer & Armstrong" comic. Our shows have won multiple Parsec Awards and Audio Verse Awards for excellence in speculative fiction podcasting and scripted audio drama. In 2017 we produced the pilot episode of our first webseries, "Active Radioactive Radio", and ran a successful Kickstarter to fund the first season of the show. 

Why "birdguest"? - One merry day a FedEx driver delivered a package to us. Right on the box, right there on the label, it said "Bridges", which is in fact our last name. Despite this and all logic to the contrary, the delivery man said he had a package for "Birdguest". Why this happened is anyone's guess, perhaps he'd had slightly too much laudanum that day. Whatever the reason, our own personal meme was born. What better URL could we have, we ask you? 



THE MAJESTIC 12 (hourlong sci-fi dramedy pilot) - 
writers - on the #WGASolidarityChallenge Staffing Grid
See Twitter recs from Geoffrey Thorne (and a second), Glenn Farrington,
Kayla Westergard-Dobson, Patrick Regan, Ellen Tremiti

SPACE PIRATES (sci-fi comedy feature)
writers - See Twitter recs from David Gross, Jace Serrano, Nate Ruegger 

HOLLYWOOD & CRIME (half-hour single cam dramedy pilot)
writers - See Twitter recs from Robert Flowers, Jair Kornegay, Jace Serrano, Kara Mia

BARRY/GOOD PLACE (mash-up spec)
writers - On #SpecsForTheGrid 
See Twitter recs from Myles Warden, Zach Freshley 

ACTIVE RADIOACTIVE RADIO (sci-fi comedy webseries) -
writers, directors, producers - watch episode 1, episode 2, episode 3
Winner of 2018 Parsec Award for Best Speculative Fiction Video Story!
Read more about why we declined to accept the award.

LITTLE DEVIL (all-ages animated series based on the comic) - 
writers, co-creators, producers - watch the test animatic


KILLSWITCH (Releasing October 2019 - Feb 2020 from Action Lab: Danger Zone)
(official press release announcing the series)
Creator-owned, art by Walter Geovani, colors by Brittany Peer, letters by Simon Bowland and Ed Dukeshire, covers by Natasha Alterici, Diana Van Damme, and SOZOMAIKA
Purchase individual Killswitch issues on Comixology
Issue 1 review from Fanbase Press, Issue 2 review from Fanbase Press
Issue 3 review from Fanbase Press  

IF ANTHOLOGY HORROR (Jan 2019, "True Horror", published by Alterna)
Art by Jerry Gaylord

IF ANTHOLOGY CRIME (Nov 2017, "Morrow", published by Alterna)
Art by Phillip Sevy
Purchase the IF Anthology Crime

NOT FORGOTTEN ANTHOLOGY (Fall 2017, "Cannibal Planets", published via Kickstarter)
Art by Leonie O'Moore
View the Not Forgotten Kickstarter

MANTHOLOGY (Spring 2017, "Sleeping Jerkface", published by WoNBaTs Comic Creators League)
Art by Leonie O'Moore

THE BLUEPRINT #2 (Fall 2016, "Little Devil", published by ID Studios)
Art by Penelope Gaylord
View The Blueprint #2 Kickstarter

WITCHBLADE 183 (Summer 2015, "Some Day One Day" backup, published by Top Cow)
Art by Luigi Crisk
Purchase Witchblade #183 on Comixology


DREAMNASIUM - adapting the sci-fi short stories of Geoffrey Thorne
Co-writers, producers
July 2019 - September 2019 (8 episodes)
Listen to Dreamnasium

THE KINGERY  (sci-fi crime drama)
Co-creators, co-writers, producers
March 2007 - Present (100+ episodes)
Listen to The Kingery

Creators, writers, directors, producers
March 2016 - October 2019 (13 episodes)
Listen to Active Radioactive Radio

HENDERSON & HAVNER (short-format comedy)
Creators, writers, directors, producers
November 2013 - October 2017 (25 episodes)
Listen to Henderson & Havner

ARCHER & ARMSTRONG (official Valiant Comics adaptation)
Co-writers, producers
March 2016 - June 2016 (4 episodes)
Purchase Archer & Armstrong: The Audio Drama on Amazon

PHANTOM CANYON (horror western)
Co-creators (with Geoffrey Thorne), co-writers, producers
February 2015 (two-hour feature)
Purchase Phantom Canyon on Amazon

MAGE & MACHINE (fantasy/sci-fi mashup)
October 2019 - present (8+ episodes)
Listen to Mage & Machine

THE PENDANT SHAKESPEARE (anthology of Shakespeare's works)
November 2007 - present (92+ episodes)
Listen to The Pendant Shakespeare

SEMINAR (anthology show with open submissions)
Producers, submissions editor, wrapper script editors, contributing writers
February 2007 - present (88+ episodes)
Featured shorts: "Screen Door" (episode 34, J), "San Diego" (episode 46, S), Prince Charming (episode 51, S), "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Work" (episode 52, J), "Not So Different (episode 58, J), "Mysterious Creatures" (episode 65, J), "The Places You Won't Go" (episode 67, S), "True Horror" (episode 71, J).
Listen to Seminar

TABULA RASA (sci-fi drama)
Producers, script editors
November 2012 - February 2015 (20 episodes)
Listen to Tabula Rasa

GENESIS AVALON (sci-fi fantasy)
Producers, script editors
September 2009 - January 2014 (50 episodes)
Listen to Genesis Avalon

THE LINE (modern fantasy)
Producers, script editors
April 2010 - July 2012 (26 episodes)
Listen to The Line

Creators, writers, producers
July 2006 - November 2010, 50 episodes
Listen to Dixie Stenberg


THIS WEEK IN PENDANT (Pendant Productions news show)
June 2012 - Present (113+ episodes)
Listen to This Week in Pendant

January 2016 - April 2016 (10 episodes)
Listen to the Archer & Armstrong Production Journals

October 2013 - January 2014 (12 episodes)
Listen to the Phantom Canyon Production Journals

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